"I feel More Flexible, I Feel Stronger... and I feel Like I Got My Groove Back"​

"Any Pregnant Patient Can Do The Video...There is Zero Impact"

Alisha Tamburri 

Ph D, Clinical Hypnotherapist, HypnoBirthing® Instructor, Doula 


"It's Soft, It's Gentle & It's Fun"

Monica Beyer

Writer from SHE KNOWS
Pregnancy & Baby

"The routines are fun and will keep you interested"

Taryn Davies

Author of Female First

"Working out during your pregnancy is a lot more fun and enjoyable with Menina"


Allie Chee

Author of New Mother

"Menina offers guidance throughout for modifications for different levels. The music is upbeat and motivating, the movements are no-impact but offer the opportunity for maintaining flexibility, great circulation, and joint and muscle strength--all vital for mom and baby."




Sandra Colton

Editor of Dance

Track Magazine

"Keep your body moving with a baby on board"



Mary Catherine Hamelin

Midwife, Doula,

Birth Educator, Mom

The hip-opening exercises and dance moves are great for anyone preparing for labor and birth. The music is light and upbeat, the set up is simple and colorful, and it's simple enough to enjoy and have fun with while giving your body a natural energy boost


Nicole Jappy
North Vancouver, BC

Muscles are feeling worked, all the stretching feels amazing.

Love the abs and glutes and enjoyed both the extended Latin and Afro dances!

Charmayne Shaw
Port Moody, BC

Mic drop!

After the 6 week challenge, I feel like I’m gaining my strength and flexibility back. My body has some definition and curves back! Finally!

I loved the variety of workouts, meal ideas, and the documenting and reflecting on each day with this group of supportive women.

My baby now has a routine of moving alongside momma everyday. She loves this time together and I want to continue to show her how fun and important it is to move your body. It has been so special to do this journey with my baby by my side.

I would tell others that this six weeks is the beginning of a pathway to incorporate a healthy and active lifestyle into your routine. The challenge is full of variety to target your whole body and sessions are the perfect length to squeeze it into your day while bonding with your new babe.

Anna Litchfield
Maple Ridge, BC

This week has been hard filled with sweat and sore muscles but, oh boy, is it ever worth it!


My favorite part of the week was actually getting that quality time with my baby and how good and energetic we felt afterwards. I am definitely doing this for him to make sure I can be around for a long time!

Thank you so much Menina

for setting this up and for helping us all to get to where we need to be! 

Dionna Veremis Raithel
Los Angeles, CA

I’m enjoying the journey, and Menina’s guidance setting new habits for balancing motherhood & fitness.

I’m gaining strength back all over, most noticeably in my legs with abs coming back slowly but surely. I feel much more supported by my muscles while moving through my day and on walks. More stable in the pelvis and joints as well.

Shannon Oates
Port Moody, BC

Thank you , thank you, thank you! I am so grateful that you started this program. I dont know where I would be if I had not have done this. It was the exact push I needed to start my new healthy lifestyle. You did such an amazing job of keeping us all engaged and having so much fun but also kicking our butts each day! Who knew working out and getting fit could be so much FUN!

Rachael Van Schoick
Bricktownship, NJ

Its been so great and such a nice change from the normal workout routine for me. I said to my hubby the other day, "I don't know what i'm going to do with myself without dancing!" 

It has been so much fun and I feel much happier about my day and not so dragged down! So THANK YOU Menina.

This has been wonderful and just what I needed!





You must consult your doctor before performing this or any other workout routine. Not all exercise programs are suitable for everyone, and some may result in injury. Any person performing this workout assumes all responsibility or liability for any ill effects resulting from any exercises suggested. The advice and trainer instructions are in no way intended to replace or substitute medical counseling. The creators, producers, and distributors of this workout in no way assume any liability in connection with the exercises or advice given.


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