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How to get your Dream Body


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Are you feeling overwhelmed & burnt out?


Do you feel body shame or lack confidence when you look in the mirror?


Has it been a while since you put on that sexy bikini or favorite jeans?


Do you feel tired, stressed and lack energy to keep up with your busy mom life?


Do you feel like you have no time for yourself & lost yourself in motherhood?


Do you need to make healthier food choices? or need more recipe ideas?


Do you want to rebuild strength, improve cardio, flexibility?


Do you want to be a healthier & active mom to keep up with your growing kid(s)?

If You Answered YES To Any Of The Questions
Above, I Have A Solution For You!


What if I told you there’s ONE thing, just ONE thing, that can help you to change your current situation?”

Imagine this… How would you feel if..


you felt proud of how you looked in the mirror?

you could fit in your favorite pair of jeans?


you could go on vacation and shamelessly wear that sexy bikini or dress?

you had the confidence to walk into any room?


you had the energy to keep up with your growing kids?


you could enjoy working out by doing something fun like dance?


you don't have to leave your house or go to a gym?


you don't need childcare to exercise?

your weekly shopping list was done for you?


you had endless new delicious and healthy recipes that your entire family would enjoy?


you could balance your family life, professional life and still have time for you?


you became the best version of yourself and truly felt happier?


How would all this change your life?

What if I told you that I could help you make that happen, would you take action now?


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Hello! My name is Menina

Ok, so listen, you’re sitting at your computer, or maybe on your phone… and you’re reading this today for reason. Something in your life isn’t perfect, and you want more.


I am a mom just like you. 

I understand the emotional, hormonal and physical changes of motherhood.

Being a mom is the most challenging, messy, yet fulfilling job of our lives. Moms are real life super heroes.

There aren't enough hours in a day to take care of our families, manage our household and/or juggle a professional life. We often put our personal needs last. 

It's so easy to lose ourselves in motherhood. Our bodies are never quite the same, but it doesn't mean that we can't look and feel our best.

I've danced before, during and after 3 kids. Dance is my therapy.


During the lockdown of 2020, I had my 3rd baby and the career & business that I once knew came to halt. I was stuck at home with 3 kids, a husband, 2 dogs, trying to homeschool, feeling unmotivated, overwhelmed and frustrated.

My frustration led me to start teaching dance online to other moms who needed an outlet to exercise and have fun.

Within a few months, not only did I help other moms, but I transformed my body. This was the first time in my life I was able to get back in shape without the leaving house or needing a sitter.

This new lifestyle changed the game for me. I could literally roll out of bed, do my dance workout and get on with my day. It became a new habit that helped me balance motherhood gracefully.

I’m over 40 and feel just as good as I did in my early 20s.

I hope this inspires you so you know what is possible.


You are the matriach of your family.

When you are happy, your entire family is happy. 

This is why making time for YOU is so important.

What if I told you that it is possible to be happy, healthy, fit and even sexy as a mom. 


So let me ask you… does that sound like something you’d want to start to take action on?


Because right now you have the chance to grab the roadmap that shows you exactly how.

Here is my transformation at 40 years old with baby #3 to give you an idea of what is possible. 

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Client Results

from my other programs

Here is what some of the moms had to say about their experience working with me...


from previous programs

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Are you ready to be a Super Mom? 

I am looking for self-motivated moms who are ready to make a physical and mental transformation.

If you are 100% COMMITTED to your success, I am confident the tools provided inside the BOOTCAMP will transform your health and fitness.

“I can lead a horse to water but I can’t make them drink”

You must be coachable, ready and eager to be the best version of yourself.

When do you do the work, the rewards will be life changing.

I will give you a road map to be a healthier, happier and more fit mom. 

​This step by step plan will improve your nutritional habits, energy levels, coordination, muscle tone, flexibility, cardio, strength and mindset so you feel amazing both inside and out. 

Moms need moral support and encouragement too, so we will be going through the process together over 12 weeks.

I will be your coach and support you every step of the way.

No fluff. No messing around, just a simple plan to achieve your personal goals.

Let me show you how to be the best version of yourself... aka a SUPER MOM!

The Program Overview


6 months


Average 30 minutes a day X 5 days a week
30 min weekly group call



The Super Mom Bootcamp is a 6 month transformation program to bring the overwhelmed burnt out out of shape mom to become a healthy, happy & fit super mom.


By creating new effective & empowering habits and eliminating toxic habits that no longer serve you, we take you on a deep dive into our 3 pillars focusing on your mind, body & soul.


This transformative experience is designed for the busy, over worked mom and will teach you how to effectively be healthier, happier, improve your physique through dance / fitness workouts, establish healthy habits through optimal nutrition, give you the skills & tools to balance your family & professional life efficiently and most importantly free up your time so you can have a more balanced & abundant lifestyle.


When you are confident, happy, healthy & energetic, your entire family will benefit from your renewed energy & attitude.

With a fun interactive unique method for success, the SUPER MOM BOOTCAMP is the only program that will take your life to the next level to become a happier, healthier and even sexier Super Mom!

The Program includes