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This video would not be possible without the collaboration of a great team. Thank you to all the contributing recording artists, talent & crew.

Pregnant Mothers
Natalie Reid
Penelope Vazquez
Twy Williams
Heather Detwiler
Kathlyne Pham Esparza
Shamarrah E. Pates

Endorsements by
Dr. Daniel Zucker
Alisha Tamburri

Official Clothing


Produced by
Menina Fortunato .... executive producer
Menina Fortunato .... producer
Sheldon Robins .... co-producer

Directed by
Sheldon Robins

Cinematography by
Tony Sanders  

Edited by

Jeff Larson

Post Production by
Oracle Post Facilities

Makeup Department
Dnelle Almanza .... makeup artist
Alondra Excene .... makeup artist
Kim Nguyen .... makeup artist
Christina Ribeiro .... makeup artist
Linda So .... makeup artist

Assistant Directors
Kristine Adams .... second assistant director
Sarah Duval .... first assistant director

Camera Department
Jason Clay .... camera operator
Edward Merkle .... camera operator
Viktorija Pashuta .... stills photographer

Linda Gunther .... photographer

Jessica Windsor .... photographer

Richard Brown .... photographer
Kevin Warn .... camera operator

Other crew
Matt Sunday .... motion graphics

Aaron Bernal .... production assistant
Menina Fortunato .... choreographer
Monica Ramirez .... assistant choreographer
James Young .... production assistant

Music by
1. “I'd Follow You” by Andrew Ryan
2. “Dreamscape” by Fran6
3. “Gravitate” by D.V.O.
4. “X-Boyfriend” by Sixx Carter
5. “Bedtime” by Sixx Carter
6. “I Can't Live Without You” by Jordan Setacci
7. “So Fly” by Joonie
8. “All Night” by Ivory Cunanan
9. “Be With You” by Thicke
10. “Disco Holiday” by Erin Yvonne
11.“Song 1” by John O'Brien

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